Original works on paper


Over the last four years, I have been exploring cyanotype printmaking, which is a process of making a print without a camera, and instead using the sun!

After exposure in sunlight, the paper is washed several times and slowly the typical blue of the cyanotype emerges.  Each piece is made slowly by hand, one at a time. When they work … it feels magical!

It is a very a tactile process which I love and the satisfaction of making things by hand is a feeling I will never get tired of. 

I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. I create these pieces from my farm studio (think kitchen table and bedrooms of children away at uni?!). Literally, the more I make and play, the more I feel inspired. The process is very intuitive and it is ‘in the doing’ where I explore, experiment and learn.

Thank you for your interest in these pieces!

Liz Kelleher // free range maker
0429 444 349